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New Year's Message from T.S.H. the Prince et the Princess for 2013

My Dear Compatriots,
Des friends from Monaco,
Ladies and gentlemen,

The Princess and I would like to express our warmest wishes to each and every one of you.

We ardently hope this year 2013 will bring you joy in your personal, family and professional lives.

Our very special thoughts go to those of you who suffer from solitude, grief or illness. May the support of your loved ones help you withstand these hardships.

To our young people, in school here or elsewhere, or on the threshold of their professional careers, I reiterate our confidence. You, too, contribute to the Principality's reputation and renown.

A few days ago, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of our Constitution, I evoked the foundation and pillars of our regime around which national consensus is built: we can and must remain united on all that is essential.

We should also enjoy our happiness in living or working in a country which is the reign of peace, safety and solidarity.

It is in this tonight that I would also like to express our wishes for success to all entities, groups or persons receiving support from the Principality and yourselves in one way or another.

Around us, many countries still endure the effects of the crisis. I know that, together with all those whose actions, work or projects are the expression of their confidence in our country's social and economic vitality, we will do our utmost to consolidate in 2013 the recovery begun in 2012.

H.S.H. Princess Charlene :

""A chacune et chacun d'entre vous, tous nos vœux pour une merveilleuse année 2013".

New Year's Message from T.S.H. the Prince et the Princess for 2013