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Dear Compatriots, Residents and Friends

The year has ended with many countries experiencing violence, terrorism, conflicts and humanitarian crises. Our traditional exchange of good wishes therefore seems all the more necessary.

So, it is from the bottom of our hearts that Princess Charlene and I and our children Jacques and Gabriella, wish you the very best for a calm, happy and peaceful 2017.

Indeed, we believe that when people, in their diversity, work with their leaders to build a vision for Justice and Peace, a return to harmony and security can be attained.

We also know that in the chaos of suffering, men, women and children stand up who perform acts of generosity towards their afflicted fellow men, against all odds.

 May this festive period enlighten us about these, often unnoticed, but comforting demonstrations of solidarity.

Because our country cannot be unmoved by this, it has long endeavoured to be attentive to these situations of human distress.

The Principality is fortunate to be a prosperous country thanks to the efforts of everyone.

Everyone is thanked for their work, for the confidence they place in Monaco and their contribution to community life.

The current situation calls for vigilance from everyone and we know we can rely on the security services for effective surveillance and the necessary actions.

As for me, I will continue to work, on the intDernational stage, so that we keep our commitments made in the environmental, humanitarian, health and educational fields and consolidate them. Awareness of climate change and its causes is irreversible. It is our responsibility to undertake the strong actions required by thinking of future generations.

Together with my government, I am determined to persevere in the fight against other scourges, particularly that of corruption.

In addition, our discussions with the European Union should continue under my leadership, step by step, impartially and with objectivity and clarity. When the time comes, the necessary decisions will be taken to protect our specific characteristics, without ever surrendering the balance that has always been our strength.

I call upon our community to remain ever united and solid around our institutions; they have proved that they can guarantee our stability, and through that, our progress.

At the beginning of this new year, I wish you, your family and all your close friends, every success in the projects that are most dear to you.

To every one of you,

A Happy and Prosperous 2017.